What are The 7 Important Factors to Consider While Building a Website?

A good website not just showcases your services and your company. It can attract quality traffic and can help your business to grow rapidly. But there are several factors related to a website, like designing it, structuring it, etc. For this, you can consult a website design company in Los Angeles that can professionally help you to build a cutting edge website.

7 Important Factors to if you want your website to act like a conversion machine

Here are the 7 important factors to consider while building a website which are as follows:

Domain Name

Every website needs a good domain name that is easy to remember for users. But it is also vital to consider the name as per your brand and services. A domain name gives an identity to your website and your business. Therefore, choosing a good domain name is a primary requirement for your business and also helps enhance your SEO. You can always consult your web design company in Los Angeles to help you purchase a domain and take care of the hosting.

Quality Web Structure 

Imagine opening a website and finding it difficult to navigate through the web page. What would you do? You would leave the site instantly. Having a clean and organized site attracts consumers and gives them smooth surfing. Having good navigation means forming groups and sections and ensuring a decluttered and clear website. Smooth navigation not just makes things convenient for the user but boosts your business credibility too. 

Load Speed

If a website takes time to load, then the user might leave the website feeling dejected and annoyed. Fast loading websites ensure crisp and smooth functioning. The longer your website takes to load a page, the more users you’ll lose per second. A good load speed for a website ensures contented customers and increased website clicks. If you wish to increase your website traffic, views and conversions, it is crucial to have a website that loads quickly. 


Optimizing your site is important to attract conversions. You can implement site optimization in simple ways like adjusting your photo size before uploading them on a website. Furthermore, It is important to avoid crowding your page with too many ads. Too many components on your site might slow down your website, and it might lead to poor user experience. 

Enabling CTA (Call to action) 

A call-to-action button basically transports the user to another page and increases your business sales and improves your brand name as well. Example, simply putting a ‘reach out to us today @(your mail id/contact number) would initiate them to click on that option and contact you. This enables good client-business relationships and increases your site traffic. 

Dynamic and Responsive

Most of the population on the internet is mobile based, Therefore there is a need for mobile-friendly websites. These websites are called responsive sites. Your website needs to be both dynamic and responsive to gain traffic and leads. A dynamic website is a website that can be viewed on your laptop, PC or mobile without any distortion. A webpage that can be accessed through any device is truly an efficient site and more liked by the users.

Updated Contact Details

A prime factor that your website should contain is your contact information. Your website should contain a separate section for contact information. Because contact details act as a bridge, connecting the user and the business. Your location should be updated as well. If you are an LA based company, a website design Los Angeles agency can help you update and maintain your website efficiently. 

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