5 Google Ads Extensions That You Can Use To Improve Clicks And Conversions

PPC is a marketing tactic that businesses use to gain customers by running advertisements on search engines. In the pay-per-click (PPC) model, businesses pay a fee each time a visitor clicks on their ad. These ads are run on several search engine platforms as they have a great potential to give your business more leads and generate revenue with the right AdWord campaigns. Different kinds of Google ad extensions contribute in a large way to promote your business on Google and bring in the overall growth. You might see different graphs of growth each day via PPC ads on Google. A PPC Agency Los Angeles has some interesting tactics that help your business with some optimized Google ad extensions. 

5 Google Ads Extensions That Improve Your Clicks And Conversions

You need to have some basic knowledge about Google ad extensions to know what and how they can be used. Listed below are the 5 Google ad extensions that you can use in your Google ads to improve engagements and conversions. 

Call Extensions

Call extension is a great feature that enables you to add important contact details of your business in the Google ad. It allows potential customers to contact your business directly and avail of your services. It also allows the potential customers to get the customer support they need, and also know that your services are just a call away. 

Review Extensions

Reviews encourage customers to avail your services and products. A review extension is one of the smart ways to tell your customers that other people are loving your products. With this extension, viewers are notified of the reviews other existing customers have left on the site. It also allows them to leave a review once they click on the link. A Digital Marketing Los Angeles can help you use the review extensions to leverage your business growth. 

Site Link Extension

This extension is one of the most popular extensions that you should know of. It allows you to add additional links to your ads. You can link your blogs, social media links, reviews, etc. for viewers to browse. It allows them to visit specific pages other than the landing page that allows them to know your services a little bit more. 

Location Extensions

Location extension enables your potential customers to see your location. It allows them to know if you are within the vicinity but also shows them that your business is legitimate. It allows potential customers to build trust with your business right that instant. You can take help from Digital Agency Los Angeles to implement this extension in your Google ads. 

Application Extensions

Application extension is a great way to plug your business application. Studies have shown that most users, who order products and services online, use apps to do so. So, if you have an app, make sure you add it to your Google ads. It will suggest the potential or existing customers download the app and have a convenient browsing experience. 

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You can make use of these simple Google ad extensions to boost your business and get more leads and profits. Marketing Revive is a reputable Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles. They have some useful insights and experience working with businesses. You can avail of their PPC services for your business. 

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